A Brief History of the Criminal Justice System

A Brief History of the Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is the system of law enforcement, which is directly involved in prosecuting, defending, and punishing those who are convicted of crimes. Basically, the criminal justice system is a series of government institutions, and they are prearranged to control the crime of a country. There has three component of the criminal justice [...] Read More

How to Become a Criminal Lawyer

To become a criminal lawyer, you need to gather knowledge from every aspect as you can. There are legal practice areas where you can fulfill your dream of “How to become a criminal lawyer.” Through this article, you will get some basic ideas that will direct you to your dream line. What is Criminal Law? [...] Read More

What Subjects Do You Need to Become a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is one of the most prestigious jobs. It is not easy and takes a lot of effort and time. There are certain steps, skills, and subject areas that one must cover to become a lawyer. Being a lawyer means you perform activities in court on behalf of your client. An example amount [...] Read More

Canadian Murder Charges Law

A death is considered as a liable homicide. Usually, in case, there is blame to be referred. It is the cause of death of another person, regardless of the intention to cause death or if it was by accident. Death charges fall into three categories Canadian law murder charges. Murder Manslaughter Criminal neglectfulness The categorization [...] Read More
Criminal Laws in Canada

Criminal Laws in Canada

Criminal law is part of a were protecting the law against statement the violations of criminal law. The purposes of punishing criminals include sentences, misbehaviors, and rehabilitation of criminals. In other words, criminal law is a system of law concerned with the punishment of criminals. Criminal law is a law that defining a person who [...] Read More
Importance of Criminal Lawyer in Canada

Importance of Criminal Lawyer in Canada

The law is a system that deals with crimes and business agreement to develop a society and government. It used as a specific section of the law like criminal law. Importance of Criminal Lawyer in Canada is really high. Lawyer is a professional who is preparing themselves to give legal advice. A criminal lawyer is [...] Read More

Different Types of Murder Cases

Different types of murder cases are available. Most people do not know the difference between first-degree murder and second-degree murder and then involuntary manslaughter or voluntary manslaughter. Lets's Start Different types of murder cases First Degree Murder First-degree murder centralized on what was your intention when we are talking about first-degree murder we are talking [...] Read More

Penalties for Drug Smuggling and Possession

Penalties for Drug Smuggling and Possession is very hard. The Control drug and substance act in the past was known as the narcotics control act which is the law that is involved in persecuting anyone who has been found with illegal drugs. This law deliberated by what is known as a Crown Counsel can result [...] Read More
Defenses to criminal charges

Defenses to Criminal Charges

What is the defenses to criminal charges? Basically what it comes down to is demonstrating to the prosecutor but they are not going to be able to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt, this is because prosecutors usually file charges against a person going into it believing that they'll be able to prove their [...] Read More