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If you are charged with Drug smuggling/trafficking or possession, it is advised that you get an aggressive lawyer who has experience in the field. The lawyer should have a proven track record that shows how he/she has gotten drug evidence suppressed on numerous occasions. If you live in Manitoba for example, you are very lucky because there are a lot of good white-collar drug smuggling lawyer in Winnipeg that can defend you when you go to court. To find them simply type, Drug smuggling/trafficking lawyer near Winnipeg or drug smuggling defense alawyer Winnipeg, and you will be able to get your answers.

Ways in which your charges can be dropped

  • As I have mentioned earlier, it is good to get legal representation so that you are not wrongfully accused. There are certain ways in which the lawyer can help you to get the charges dropped. This include; Suppression of evidence. This is a case where your drug smuggling lawyer in Winnipeg looks at the circumstances of the case in order to determine if law enforcement made a procedure error. We as citizens have certain rights that defend us against unreasonable searches and seizures, for example, the 4th Amendment. Your lawyer, therefore, looks at the circumstances to determine whether or not law enforcement perhaps made unjustified detention by stopping someone and perhaps found drugs on that same person.
  • Another way that the charges may be dropped is when your lawyer claims that the accused possessed the drugs for their own personal use. This may not fully exonerate you but it may make the sentencing less harsh. It is an ungraded misdemeanor to possess drugs for personal use. The accused can get penalties of up to one year as compared to a person charged with smuggling, where the person may get a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. This strategy is  used when there is no trampling of the accused rights by law enforcement either by searches or seizures. The lawyer thus relies on the fact that the drugs were for personal use rather than for intent to deliver. This is done by once again looking at the circumstances that led to the person arrest. Perhaps the person was under the influence of the drug when the arrest was being made and they were tested for the hard drug which was found in his/her system. The quantity and quality of the drugs are usually looked at here. A person found with one bag of cocaine, for example, would likely be seen more of a user than a distributor as compared to a person who was found with 10 bags. A person who possessed the drugs with the intent of personal use would also be having the paraphernalia that is used when consuming the drug. This may include, rolling papers, smoke pipe or a bong, this paraphernalia should be found within close quarters of the drug itself. The main point here I am trying to stress is that, for a person who would use the defense of using the drug for personal use, would most likely have the drug in low quantity and also paraphernalia for the drugs in low quantity.
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