What are Third-Degree Murders?


The true meaning of third-degree murder is the unlawful and unintentional killing of a person. When you kill someone by mistake; however, you have no intention of murdering, it would be known as a third-degree murder.

In this post, we ‘re going to address what the third-degree murders are? And all the critical reasons behind third-degree death.

Does third-degree murder exist?

The primary purpose of this article is to give you proper information about third-degree murders. Before you know, what is third-degree murders? You must know the essential factors and truth about third-degree deaths.

There are 3 degrees of murders, and each of the degrees has its jurisdictions and laws. Those 3 degrees of crimes are.

1st-degree murder

1st-degree murder means if you kill someone intentionally is considered as 1st-degree murder.

2nd-degree murder

2nd-degree murder means if you kill someone intentionally but without any plan.

3rd-degree murder

3rd-degree murder means if you kill someone without any intention of killing is considered a 3rd-degree crime. For example, if you have been in a fight and all on a sudden you struck the other guy.

After the hit, he died. But you didn’t have any intention of killing him. This is called third-degree murder. So, third-degree crime means killing someone accidentally.

Classification of third-degree murder

Third-degree murder is also known as third-degree manslaughter. Third-degree homicide is classified into two categories. Such as

· Voluntary manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter also is known as very passionate about killing and committing the crime. The most common words for voluntary manslaughter are psycho. A psycho doesn’t have time to think about why he is committing a crime or killing someone. He can kill someone without any reason.

· Involuntary manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter means if someone accidentally kills someone because of other persons’ negligence. The actual meaning of involuntary manslaughter is killing someone unintentionally and without your sense that your actions could cause death.

Example of third-degree murders

Imagine I am a drug dealer, and I sell drugs to joe and his friends.

They were taking drugs overnight, and one of his friends died because of the overdose of drugs. Yes, that would be considered as third-degree murder. But I don’t have any idea about that guy who died because of an overdose of drugs.

It was his fault. But you will be considered as the killer because he died because of your drugs. This type of murders is called third-degree crimes.

Punishment of third-degree murders

If someone is charged with third-degree murder or if someone is found guilty of 3rd-degree murder. He will be receiving 8 to 10 years of a prison sentence if he doesn’t have any previous criminal history. But if he has any prior criminal history, he will be receiving 25 years to 27 years of a prison sentence by the law of the united states of America.

Charges of third-degree murder

To charge with third-degree murder, you don’t have to kill someone intentionally. You don’t even have to present in the murder spot to be charged with third-degree murder. Imagine if someone is committing suicide, and he left a note that you are responsible for the suicide.

In that case, you don’t even know that someone is committing suicide because of you, but you will be charged with third-degree murder.

Imagine a few friends are taking drugs overnight. They were having so much fun. But all on a sudden of the guy started choking because of an overdose of drugs eventually he died. In that case, the rest of the friends will be charged with third-degree murders.

Elements of third-degree murders

There are five elements of third-degree murders. All of the five features are very important.

  • The very 1st element of third-degree murder is that death must be proven. If you are charged with third-degree murders, the prosecutor must prove the death of the victim.
  • The 2nd element of third-degree murder is to the death should be caused directly or indirectly.
  • The 3rd element of 3rd-degree murder is the accused must be charged with third-degree murder.
  • The very important element of third-degree murders is it caused without having any intention of killing.
  • The last element of third-degree murder is if you are charged with murder, and you have a previous criminal history.

Note that, third-degree murder depends on many factors. Some of the elements are critical to understanding. The very first one is killing someone without any intention. The second one is killing someone accidentally. And the third one is killing someone because of other person negligence.


Third-degree murder charges can be very unfair sometimes because you may be innocent in some cases, but you are charged with third-degree murders. If you are charged with third-degree murder, the very first thing you should do is to keep your mouth shut.

If you are not guilty, don’t talk anything until you have your lawyer. Hiring a good lawyer is very important if you are charged with third-degree murder.

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